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While fans of “Love Is” are still trying to digest the news of the lawsuit filed against Salim Akil by his alleged mistress, Warner Bros. has launched an investigation to the allegations of domestic violence against the producer and director.

Actress Amber Dixon Brenner, who allegedly carried on a 10-year affair with Salim, sued him for breach of contract and domestic violence.

Get the scoop on her shocking and downright disgusting allegations in the video below.



According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. will interview cast and crew members of “Love Is” and “Black Lightning.”

This makes absolutely no sense unless Salim was also sleeping with the cast and crew and abusing them too.

Amber wants the smoke with everybody! She’s also filed a federal copyright-infringement lawsuit against Salim Akil’s wife, Mara Brock Akil, and OWN claiming they stole ideas from her screenplay titled “Luv & Perversity in the East Village” and used it for “Love Is,” which is supposed to be based on the Akil’s relationship/marriage.

“Love Is” has been renewed for a second season. It will be interesting to see if and/or how this lawsuit will impact the series.

A mess.

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