Wanda Smith - Katt Williams

Wanda Smith of Atlanta’s “Frank Ski and Wanda In The Morning” show on V-103 took to the radio airwaves on Monday morning to react to getting roasted by Katt Williams.

Frank and Wanda’s interview with the actor and comedian went viral after Katt dragged Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Jerrod Carmichael, and others.

But, the grand finale was a super awkward exchange between Katt Williams and Wanda Smith where he roasted her so badly that I tried to tap out for her.

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According to comedian Cory Zooman Miller, Wanda’s husband, LaMorris Williams, got so upset about what went down that he allegedly pulled a gun on Katt at the comedy club.



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During their show on Monday morning, Wanda said she was incredibly hurt by her exchange with Katt.

Wanda revealed Katt had no intentions of appearing on the show and that she begged him to be a part of Red Grant’s interview.

She went on to say when she looked into his eyes she knew he wasn’t just shooting the dozens with her…it “felt like an attack.”

I’m excited that he’s coming in. So, once he got in – I was excited to really have him in this studio…to be honest with you.

I felt like as he started to talk, in the beginning, he had an agenda…like to attack me.

And I kept feeling some type of way. I felt the tension. I said, ‘Okay, where is this going?’

Honestly, because of the respect that I have for him [Katt] I feel like he’s one of the comics that has made it…

Every time I would ask him something or say something it was like he kinda came for me. I’m not that kind of comedian. I don’t go tit for tat  – that’s not what I do.

Just because of the respect that I have for him…when he started coming at me it kinda threw me off.

I didn’t know how to retaliate or how to come back because that’s not how I wanted to talk to him.

I didn’t want to talk to him like that. I didn’t want to go back and forth with him because of the respect.

So, when it kept going on and on and on…as a person that has integrity – I had to say something back and I didn’t want to.

I scooped some audio from the morning show – take a listen below.




Many of my ICC friends feels like Wanda tried Katt and bit off more than she could chew.

Do you feel Katt Williams attacked Wanda Smith or she started it and got more than she bargained for?

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