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On Monday morning, V-103’s Frank Ski and Wanda Smith returned to the Atlanta airwaves after the video of Katt Williams‘ roasting Wanda to smithereens went viral.

The morning show co-hosts hashed things out in front of the entire city (and world) because Wanda blamed Frank for not intervening when Katt let her have it.

Frank’s argument is Wanda kept the banter going every time he tried to go to break and all he saw was two comedians playing the dozens.

He also told her had she won the exchange – there wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Lastly, Frank Ski straight up told Wanda Smith her husband, LaMorris Sellers, who allegedly pulled a gun on Katt at an Atlanta comedy club, should NOT have called him to confront him about the situation.

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“Your husband shouldn’t have picked up the phone and called me! That was wrong. This is business. He ain’t got nothing to do with V-103,” Frank stated.

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I commend Frank for keeping it 100 with Wanda and not sugar-coating his convo with her about her part in the exchange with Katt.

Your thoughts?

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