Essie Grundy sues Walmart racial discrimination

Essie Grundy was floored when she visited a Perris, California Walmart only to find all the black hair care products were locked up in a glass display case.

On Friday, sitting alongside her attorney Gloria Allred, Essie announced she is suing Walmart for racial discrimination.


Essie Grundy said she want to a Walmart near her home to purchase a skin cream and noticed that hair products for African American were segregated and she complained. But when an employee said it was a directive from corporate offices, she let it go, she said during a news conference at Allred’s office Friday.

When she returned to the store to purchase a 48 cent comb, she said she was “shocked” to find that, despite its low cost, the comb was also separated and could only be taken out by a Walmart employee. Grundy said the beauty products for other races were available to customers and were not behind glass.

Grundy said she was accompanied to the cash register by an employee and was not allowed to touch the comb until after she bought it. She claimed that customers of other races were not treated that way.

“I just feel that we need to be treated equal,” Grundy said during the news conference, flanked by her husband and one of her children. “It’s no way that we should be treated … just because of a complexion. We are all human and we deserve to be treated as everyone else.”

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See video of the products on lockdown below:


Clearly, Walmart is trying to get canceled! Kudos to Essie for taking action!