Wale - Wrestlemania 2015 - The Album About Nothing - The Pessimist - J. Cole


Wale attended Westlemania on Sunday and to say he was ecstatic about it would be a huge understatement.

The rapper revealed in a post on his Instagram account that he had been blackballed by the WWE for over a year because of a “dumb incident” where he almost got involved in a physical altercation.

Havin a blast @ @wwe #wrestlemania .. I been on the blacklist for WWE for a year now since that dumb “incident” . So that’s why you never hear me acknowledged by them.. Somebody said they would smack me and I asked them wassup.. Long story short I got black balled .. But whatever im happy to be here enjoying the amazing fans and weather …@kindink doin his thing .. Props to all the fans showin love me and @emiliosparks smarking #walemania Ya bish

If you’re a Wale fan…you know how much he loves the WWE and how much of a big deal this is to him.

In other news…

Wale’s new album, The Album About Nothing, drops on Tuesday (March 31).

“The Pessimist” featuring J. Cole hit the internet streets on Sunday and I absolutely love it.

Take a listen below and let me know if you can get jiggy with it.



Do you plan to scoop Wale‘s album?