Michael Strahan To Exit “Live” On May 13

Now, that Kelly Ripa is back and all of the drama has been squashed on “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” Michael Strahan‘s last day has been bumped up to May 13 – four months earlier than his original scheduled departure.

A source gave People the exclusive scoop:

May 13 is his last show. He’ll take the summer off and GMA can integrate him early before September, and this will give Live! more time to find the co-host. He’s totally fine with that. Now he can enjoy his summer.

ABC released a statement confirming Michael’s early departure.

After meeting with the producers of both Live! and Good Morning America, and after speaking with Kelly and Michael, we have decided on a plan that best advantages both shows for the future.

To that end, Michael’s last day on Live! will be on Friday, May 13, which not only gives the show the chance to have a nice send-off for him during the May book, but to also immediately begin the on-air search for a new co-host.

This plan also allows GMA to start integrating Michael into the show more often this summer before his full-time start in September.

I wonder if Michael’s early exit has anything to do with Kelly allegedly refusing to come back until he was gone. *insert chin rubbing emoji*

Either way – I wish Michael Strahan well on new endeavor! Congrats!

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