Vivica Fox Says She’s Haunted By Knowing 50 Cent Was Planning To Propose: ‘I Would Have Done Better’ (Video)

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Wendy Show - Vivica Fox - 50 Cent

Vivica Fox stopped by the “Wendy Show” on Tuesday to promote her new memoir, “Every Day I’m Hustling.”

But, you know it was only a matter of time before the convo shifted to 50 Cent.

Auntie Viv is still holding the torch for Curtis and admitted that she’s “haunted” by knowing he was planning to propose to her.

She said had she known the rapper was planning to put a 12-carat ring on it, she would have “done better.”

Watch the clip below.



Like clockwork, 50 Cent took to Instagram and posted this reaction:


50 Cent - Vivica Fox

I know we can’t help who we love, but it’s sad to watching Vivica do this years later….

Your thoughts?


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