A Virginia man is in critical condition after he was shot during a barbershop dispute over Aretha Franklin’s forthcoming biopic.

According to police, Michael Jermell Hatton, 44, and Tony Jonathan Lundy, 47, began arguing inside of a barbershop over whether Halle Berry had or was going to play the “Queen of Soul” in her biopic.

The argument eventually turned physical. That’s when Hatton produced a firearm and shot Lundy at least once.

Both men received emergency treatment from the Suffolk Fire & Rescue before being transported to the hospital.

Hatton was treated then hauled off to jail where he is being held without bond.

For the record, Halle Berry never played Aretha Franklin in a film, but she was asked to do so.

She declined the role because she was fully aware that she was not be a good fit for the role.

Jennifer Hudson will star in the forthcoming biopic about the late legendary singer.

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