Vin Diesel Throwing Shade At Dwayne Johnson Too?

Tyrese has been badgering Dwayne Johnson on social media for weeks over his forthcoming Fast & Furious spinoff.

But, it looks like Vin Diesel may have joined the Petty Party with a shady post of his own on Instagram.

Vin, who was rumored to be beefing with The Rock on the set of Fate of the Furious, dropped a photo on his page of himself, Paul Walker, and Tyrese with the caption, “Brotherhood.”

Exhibit A:


The post came hours after Universal Pictures announced Dwayne and Jason Statham’s spin-off film would arrive next summer, pushing Fast 9 back to 2020.

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Of course, Cryrese doubled down on the shade by adding that The Rock was desperate and pointed out that he’s not the only one who feels some type of way about him.

Never confuse determination with desperation….. What’s understood don’t have to be explained…… 44 million just got the memo…. Although it appears to be…. I’ve never been in this alone……..

#PerceptionVsReality #FastFamily like I said we don’t fly solo. President Obama’s integrity teachings is of a man who makes everyone feel like they MATTER…..

Everybody big mad…