Wendy Williams son Kevin Hunter Jr - synthetic marijuna


Wendy Williams gets personal about her son’s synthetic marijuana use.

The talk show host, who is known for dishing the latest tea on the lives of celebrities, turned the tables on herself when she opened up to her audience about her 15-year-old son’s synthetic marijuana use.

Wendy Williams called the revelation a “life-changing thing for the Hunter family.”

Synthetic marijuana, also known as “spice,” is a mixture of herbs, K2 is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids that are untested on humans. Spice users have experienced everything from hallucinations to heart attacks to suicide.


Wendy Williams husband Kevin Hunter- son Kevin Jr.



According to Wendy, Kevin Jr. was exposed to synthetic marijuana by a loved one he looked up to. She was devastated to know Kevin Jr. was smoking it right under her nose and she had no idea.

It was one of those pens where you don’t see the smoke and you don’t smell anything.

I was duped and our kid had been smoking this mess and he got turned out…to the point where he went off the rail for a moment.

The reality of the situation hit Wendy hard while she was out on her “Too Real for Stand Up – Sit Down Tour.”

It was so hard for me to be on the road because Kevin and Kevin (Jr.) were not there with me and I’m trying to make funny on the tour, but in actuality my heart is breaking and my kid could have been dead.

Wendy and her husband, Kevin Hunter, took Kevin Jr. out of the country for undergo holistic treatment to cleanse his system and she’s happy to report her son is back on track and doing well.

The Hunter family decided to share their story to bring an awareness to the drug and to help other families who may be in a similar situation.

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