Damon Wayans - Tracy Morgan - Wal-Mart settlement
Credit: YouTube|Bennett Raglin|BET Getty

Tracy Morgan denies receiving $90 million settlement from Wal-Mart.

Damon Wayans‘ recent interview on “The Breakfast Club” made headlines after the actor and comedian casually stated Tracy Morgan received $90 million in his Wal-Mart settlement.

It didn’t seem as if Damon was trying to “spill tea” or be messy, the discussion began when Angela Yee asked him about Dave Chappelle walking about from his show and $50 million.

Damon was explaining how money sometimes impacts a comedian’s ability to connect with their audience because the fans shift their attention towards the money and used Tracy as an example.

There’s a certain point as a comedian that you have to be every man.

Like Tracy Morgan…right now got $90 million…so when he gets on stage people got 90 million things on their mind besides his comedy.

So, it becomes hard when people put money before you because you’re supposed to be representing them. You’re the voice of the people.

You’re no longer the voice of the people so it makes you resentful and a little crazy.

Watch the clip on page 2 and see what Tracy Morgan’s people had to say about it.