God is so awesome!

Marie Holmes, the single mother of four beautiful children, claimed her $188 million jackpot winnings Monday.

Prior to winning one-third of the $564 million jackpot, the 26-year-old Shallotte, North Carolina resident worked at various fast food restaurants and retailers to take care of her three daughters and son who has cerebral palsy.

During Monday’s press conference Marie shared how her financial windfall will impact her children.

This is going to make a huge difference for them. They’re going to be able to live a comfortable life and not worry about struggling.

Anything my kids ask for I can actually get it for them and I don’t have to tell them no.

But, be very clear… Marie Holmes says she still plans to tell her children “No!”

Watch the clip below.

Congratulations to Marie and her family. I’m elated for her.

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