RL - The Breakfast Club - Nicholas Fraser


RL recently stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to talk about his split from Next and the resurgence of “Too Close” thanks to Nicholas Fraser‘s “Why You Always Lying” spoof.

The R&B singer and songwriter confirmed he was indeed kicked out of the chart-topping R&B trio and admitted the way everything went down made him feel like Janay Rice getting punched in an elevator.

I hate to say it like this because I don’t want to pile it on…I kinda feel like Janay Rice.

In a sense of…they were all in the media like saying a lot of untrue stuff about me and even if I want to come back, I basically got beat up in the elevator and now I’m back on stage with them.

When Charlamagne questioned RL about comparing himself to Janay, he elaborated on his point saying, “In no way am I trying to equate it to domestic violence. What I’m saying is…once you make it public and people can see what’s happening behind-the-scenes or hear things, then it’s harder to come back.”

RL was also asked how he feels about the Nicholas Fraser’s viral video, “Why You Always Lying,” which is a spoof of Next’s hit single, “Too Close.”

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