Rae Carruth's son Chancellor Lee Adams turns 16-1
Photo: Jeff Siner | The Charlotte Observer


Against all odds, Rae Carruth‘s son is now turning sweet 16.

Chancellor Lee Adams, whose life story is heartbreaking and inspiring, celebrated his 16th birthday with his family at the Olive Garden on Monday evening.

In 1999, Carruth, who was a Carolina Panthers receiver, hired a hitman to murder Cherica Adams and their unborn child to avoid having to pay child support.

Chancellor survived, but has cerebral palsy. A Charlotte jury sentenced Rae Carruth to at least 18 years and 11 months in prison for his role in conspiring to murder his pregnant girlfriend.


Rae Carruth's son Chancellor Lee Adams turns 16
Photo: NBC Charlotte


Over the course of his life, Chancellor has made great strides and is growing up beautifully. He’s now 5-foot-4 and he attends high school in Charlotte.

“Chancellor is not just surviving,” says his grandmother, Saundra Adams. “He is thriving.”

“He’s able to feed himself some, he’s able to dress himself with minimal assistance, and the biggest thing is he’s able to walk. I’ve never treated Chancellor like he’s disabled,” says Saundra Adams. “I treat him like he’s ‘abled’ differently.”

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