Video Of 14-Year-Old Landscaper Daron Taylor Goes Viral


Daron Taylor Goes Viral


Five days after the video of Daron Taylor went viral, the young entrepreneur has raised over $20,000 via GoFundMe.

His newly established Instagram page, where he posts videos updating and thanking his supporters, has picked up over 22,000 follower in less than a week.

Unfortunately, he’s been targeted by scammers who have created fake pages in an attempt to profit off of his supporters.

The good news is his business is booming and he’s still a wonderful young man.

Original Post:

On Thursday, I came across a video of Daron Taylor, a 14-year-old young man from Cleveland, who is the owner of his very own landscaping business.

What impressed me so much about this young man was his entrepreneurial spirit, how innovative he is, and how intelligent and respectful he is. Not to mention…inspiring!

I posted the video of Daron on the Ice Cream Convos Facebook page and within minutes it went viral with over 1 million views and 30,000 shares!



Hours later, I began receiving emails, telephone calls, and private messages from people who were also inspired and impressed by Daron and wanted to help him.

Long story short, I spoke with Daron and his father, who said they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support.

They’ve set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for new equipment for Daron’s landscaping business.

If you’d like to donate, you may do so below.

Daron’s GoFundMe Page

Please note, Daron’s father said there are people who are already impersonating his son in attempts to profit off of his likeness.

I wish this amazing young CEO the best!