Michael Ealy on Wendy Williams


Outside of his various roles on TV and film, we don’t know much about Michael Ealy and that’s exactly the way he wants it.

The gorgeous actor, who now stars as a serial killer in “The Following,” is a loving husband and a dedicated father. He is also very protective of his private life.

During a recent sit-down on the “Wendy Show,” Michael explain why his private life is off limits.

I’ve been private since I was in high school.

I just learned in high school that once people find out about you and so-and-so it becomes…like high school.

Hollywood is a lot like high school. So, what I’ve done is just carry that throughout my life. Basically, in order to protect something that I love and cherish and want to hold on to…and not end up on ‘Hot Topics’…it’s been imperative to me to keep it private.

Cause when things are good, everyone wants to be out in front of the cameras. When things are bad, everybody wants to retreat and say, ‘Can I have my privacy?’

Watch below as Michael Ealy chats with Wendy.



If only other celebrities would follow Michael’s lead.

Photo: Instagram