Love & Hip Hop Hollywood-Stars Miles Brock & Milan Christopher -The Wendy Show-1


Miles Brock and Milan Christopher visited “The Wendy Show” on Monday.

We’ve watched the drama unfold between the openly gay “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” stars as Milan waited in the wings while Miles struggled to find the right time to start living in his truth by coming out to his longtime homie/lover/friend, Amber.

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On Monday night’s episode, Miles finally came clean during a therapy session with Amber and to say it was “all bad” is a huge understatement.

Here’s a glimpse of the devastating moment:



When Wendy asked the couple why they chose to tell their story on reality TV Miles responded, “The reality for me was there’s a Miles in every family and there’s a million Ambers out there. If we could stand up and be the pioneers just living in our truth and accept ourselves and love ourselves as hard as it is…all the tweets and all of the emails all of the DMs that I get thanking me – I know that I’m helping somebody else. That’s what it’s about.”

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