Miles Brock insists he isn’t on the “down low.”

The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” newcomer addresses the misconception that he’s living on the down low after viewers of the show watched the rapper keep his relationship with Milan Christopher on the hush to maintain his image and his family at home.

Exhibit A:

Miles told VH1, “I’m not the down low brotha…at all! If I was a down low brotha, I would not be telling my story. I would not be on here living my truth and telling who I am. So, that’s what I’m not and that’s what I look down upon.”

He goes on to explain his relationship with his girlfriend, Amber, saying, “Amber is my high school sweetheart. When it comes to being in love with a woman, she’s all I know. She’s all I’ve ever been with. We’re my best friend. We’re so much alike. She’s a rapper…I’m a rapper. We dress alike. It’s just everything.”

Just to make sure you’re clear, Mile Brock reiterated one more time, “I don’t get down with the whole…men going back and forth and nobody knowing and all of that sh*t. I don’t f**k with that sh*t.”

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