Kylie Jenner Baby Bump’n Video Leaks Online

After the news broke of Kylie Jenner‘s pregnancy, homegirl went underground like she has warrants out on her.

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Caitlyn Jenner’s baby girl didn’t even show up for the family’s annual Christmas card.

But, someone on the Social Media Task Force (SMTF) leaked video of baby bump’n Kylie partying it up with her sister and she looked beautiful.

See for yourself below.

Kylie is expecting her first child with rapper Travis Scott.


According to TMZ it’s a bad angle:

A video that’s surfaced online showing what looks like a very pregnant Kylie Jenner has got to be a fake, ’cause it’s from January … long before she got pregnant.

There’s this new clip that’s been making the rounds showing Kylie and Kendall in their silver and orange dresses. You see what looks like a bump … thing is … we did some digging and it was apparently shot at a Golden Globes party they attended 11 months ago.

Kylie hadn’t even started seeing her baby daddy-to-be, Travis Scott until April … which is around the time we know she got pregnant.

Blame it on Photoshop, a weird angle or bad lighting … but this ain’t the real McCoy.

Go figure….