Kirk Franklin apologizes for how the church treats gay people


Kirk Franklin stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Friday to promote his new album, Losing My Religion.

One of the things I’ve always loved most about Kirk is his transparency and his ability to break down the word of God to people from all walks of life.

During his convo with “The Breakfast Club,” the subject turned towards homophobia in religion. That’s when the “Smile” singer apologized for the way gays have been treated by the church.

I want to apologize for all the horrible things that have been said through the many decades in church culture…just about gay people. Just the way we have dehumanize them in church…How we use their talents, but we do the whole ‘Adam and Steve’ and all of this horrible stuff that we’ve done.

Kirk went on to talk about how the bible addresses homosexuality saying:

The bible does say that. Kirk didn’t write the bible. So, Kirk is not one trying to say that this is Kirk’s way. God has established a way because he loves all of us. He’s established in his book and if you choose to believe his word that he has a plan for all of our lives and because I’m going to stress he’s knows what’s best for us, in his love and his truth he will walk out the way that all of us are to carry our lives through his work.

See, the problem is we make the bible this attack manual against gay people. The bible is not an attack manual against gay people.

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