Kelly Rowland unveiled her beautiful four-month-old baby boy, Titan Witherspoon, on the cover of Essence magazine.

The singer, who is basking in glory of motherhood, recently sat down with “Entertainment Tonight” and admitted she wishes she had her son sooner.

I actually wish I would have had him sooner.

It’s just so much joy. I just feel so blessed … I try to wake up a little bit earlier than him because I like watching his face in the morning, because he wakes up smiling.

It just does something for my spirit.

Kelly’s mother, Doris Rowland Garrison, passed away last December, but the singer said baby Titan had the opportunity to meet his grandmother and she feels her spirit is always near.

I have the most beautiful picture with Titan and my mom. When he came home … he was just right on her chest and she was very happy.

There’s moments when I’m changing Titan and he’s just kind of looking over my head and he just bursts out in giggles, and I’m like, ‘Hey, mom.’

I just feel like she’s always somewhere near.

Watch below as Kelly Rowland gushes over her baby boy and her wonderful husband, Tim Witherspoon.

Congratulations to Kelly Rowland! What a beautiful family.