Lamar Odom‘s father, Joe Odom, is “mad and upset” because Khloe Kardashian allegedly won’t allow him to see his son.

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TMZ caught up with Joe outside of the hospital after his second attempt to see Lamar and he was hot as fish grease.

Joe told TMZ, “I’m mad and I’m upset because this is the second time I came to see my son and they won’t let me see my son.” He added, “Why can’t I see my son? I brought him in the world!”

Joe Odom says he confirmed he’s on the visiting list, but when he gets to the hospital they won’t allow him to see Lamar.

“They’re letting other people see my son that’s not even related to him,” Joe complained.

When asked if he believes Khloe Kardashian is the one keeping him away from his son, Joe said, “Yes.” He added that she is in charge of the visitor’s list, but he doesn’t understand why he’s being treated like a villain.

Could it be possible Lamar requested no visits from his father?

Your thoughts?

Photo: TMZ