The Breakfast Club-Jazmine Sullivan abusive relationship


Yesterday was a great day for R&B! Jazmine Sullivan made a triumphant return with the release of her high-anticipated album, Reality Show.

Jazzy stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday morning and revealed her sudden hiatus from the music business was due to an abusive relationship she was in.

First of all, I left music because I was in a really bad relationship and it had gotten abusive. And it had gotten to be too much…just having to deal with the industry and that my personal life was so bad. Yeah…I had to go for a second.

But, I’m back. I’m out of the relationship. I’m doing what I love…and that is music.

The “Forever Don’t Last” singer admitted she had an ah-ha moment after an altercation with her man left her deaf in one ear.

It was a physical altercation and I’ve never told this before…but something happened with my ear. Like where he had slapped me so hard I couldn’t hear. I was like ‘Oh sh*t!’

I was like ‘I might not be able to sing’ and that kinda woke me up.

Watch the full interview below as Jazmine talks about her return to music, her love for ratchet reality TV, and more.



If you haven’t done so already…scoop Jazmine Sullivan‘s new album, Reality Show below.