The Real - Janet Hubert - Jada Pinkett Smith
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Janet Hubert Has A Change Of Heart About Jada Pinkett Smith

After reading her like a bedtime story in a Facebook video, it appears Janet Hubert has had a change of heart when it comes to Jada Pinkett Smith.

During a recent appearance on “The Real,” we saw a kinder and more gentle side of Janet versus the neck-rolling, shade-throwing, “this ain’t whatcha want” Janet, who lashed out at the Smiths on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Janet Hubert Blasts Will & Jada For Boycotting The Oscars – ‘Maybe You Didn’t Deserve A Nomination…Get Over Yourselves!’

While chatting with the ladies of “The Real,” Janet Hubert actually talked about how much she respects Jada.

I respect Jada…highly.

I respect her skill. I respect her as an artist, I respect her as an actress…very much.

There’s been a diversity issue years and years and years ago. This just didn’t start this year. This started way back when the Oscars first came up. It wasn’t created for us by us. We do our own thing…definitely.

Don’t believe me? Just watch:



Won’t he do it?!

Your thoughts?

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