Ciara - Jackie - Tour - Chicago


Ciara kicks off her Jackie Tour in Chicago.

On Sunday night, Ciara kicked off her Jackie Tour at the House of Blues in Chicago and she wasn’t playing any games.

Before the show started, Cici’s new boo, Russell Wilson, wished her well and said that he wished he could be been there to see her “dominate the stage.”

Dominate, eh?

Russell Wilson tweet Ciara

I’m not sure if Ciara dominated the stage, but she certainly gave a young man the business when she gave him a lap dance that he’ll remember in the after life.

Peep a few clips below.




Here’s a bonus clip of Ciara turning up with her dancers.



Jennifer Hudson also came out to show Ciara some Chi-Town love.


Jennifer Hudson - Ciara - Jackie Tour - Chicago


It looks like Ciara is back with a vengeance and ready to put in work.

Jackie drops on May 5. Do you plan to scoop a copy?


Videos courtesy of Lukbne

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