Christina Milian is a girl in love with a martian.

During her recent visit to Big Boy TV, Christina was grilled about her relationship with Lil Wayne and lawd that girl lit up like a Christmas tree and was showing teeth like she was at the dentist.

Christina Milian giggled like a high schooler as she shared, “He’s the sweetest! I love him!” She quickly caught herself and said, “Oh shoot!”

Watch below.

Christina Milian is such a beautiful girl (I don’t know what was going on with her hair), but she does have a history of sleeping with the boss. (See also: Andre Lyon, The Dream, and Jas Prince)

As soon as she signed to Young Money…I KNEW it would only be a matter of time before Lil Wayne started swimming upstream in the Milian pond.

I wish her the best and a good contraceptive.

Photo: YouTube