It’s starting to look like Bow Wow and Erica Mena‘s days are numbered.

A day after Erica shared (then deleted) a heartfelt poem about a miscarriage she suffered four months into her pregnancy, her fiancé is calling her out for attention-whoring.

[Erica Mena Shares A Heartfelt Poem About Her Miscarriage – ‘My World Was Ripped From Under My Feet’]

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star took to her Twitter account on Thursday to explain to her fans why she decided to share something so personal.

Erica Mena tweets Erica Mena tweets-1


Apparently, Bow Wow wasn’t too happy about Erica’s caring is sharing moment because he took to his Facebook page on Friday morning and called her out for divulging her personal business for attention.

You five months too late.

First and foremost, I feel like telling your personal business on social media – I feel like that’s one of the lamest and corniest things you can possibly do.

I feel like it’s attention-seeking. Especially when it’s news that happened five months ago. It’s not recent…it’s not recent. It was five months ago.

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