Baltimore mom Toya Graham - momoftheyear

Baltimore mom Toya Graham speaks out.

A video of a Baltimore mother putting dem paws on her 16-year-old son after she caught him participating in the riots quickly went viral and sparked the hashtag #MomOfTheYear.

Toya Graham, a single mother of six, recently sat down with CBS this morning to discuss the moment she says she “lost it” after seeing her son with a rock in his hand.

I stood there on the same side as the police with his shield and they were throwing bricks.

I was like in an awe. It was like, ‘Oh, my God.’

To see my son come across the street with a rock in his hand…I think at that point, I just lost it.

Watch the clip below.


Click here if video doesn’t load!

Many mothers fight to keep their children off of the street and out of harm’s way. Then, there are some mothers, like Toya Graham, who literally have to fight to save her kids.

While some don’t agree with how she handled her son and others criticized her for not turning up with her son in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death, Toya saved her son’s life that day the way she saw fit.

I’m not mad at that one bit.

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