Angela Bassett on tonguing down Lady Gaga on American Horror Story

Angela Bassett Talks About ‘Tonguing Down’ Lady Gaga

Angela Bassett stopped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Thursday to her new film London Has Fallen.

During the interview, Angela talked about her role on “American Horror Story” and her steamy love scenes with Lady Gaga.

The award-winning actress shared a story about how Gaga surprised her with a naughty cake on her birthday…so she had to get her back.

Well, you know we had these steamy scenes in elevators and it’s like, ‘Go for it.’

Supposedly, our characters are going through these decades and we’re changing clothes and we’re supposed to be in these different positions.

And I would just tongue her down. I would just…you know….all in…all in! Just all up on her.

Angela went on to say when the director yelled, “CUT,” Gaga walked away and said, “I’m having Angela Bassett’s baby.”

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