Adrene Ashford apologizes to Delta Sigma Theta


Adrene Ashford assumed the role of the extreme snob on “Sorority Sisters,” oftentimes referring to herself as the “Queen” who sits on her imaginary throne.

But, fast times slowed up once the show was cancelled and she found out via social media that she had been expelled from Delta Sigma Theta right before her 20th anniversary.

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Adrene recently sat down with Big Tigger of V-103 and publicly apologized to the organization she says is her heart and her life.

I would like to say that I deeply apologize to all of my sorors and to any other affiliated sororities.

Delta Sigma Theta is my heart. It is my life and I love my sorority.

At no point did I intend to disrespect, misrepresent, or bring any shame to my sorority. I wouldn’t do that.

When Tigger asked Adrene why she chose to do the show she explained it was about expanding her brand.

Me being a part of this cast and a part of this show was more about allowing my brand…my fashion brand having legs to grow.

The most interesting part of Adrene Ashford‘s convo was when she revealed she found out about her expulsion via social media like the rest of us.

I officially got notified yesterday. I pretty much found out like everyone else and that was via social media. How does it feel? very disheartening because as I mentioned I have two decades of dedication to Delta.

To be quite honest with you…I love my sorority. I love the principals and the values that they stand on. Those are innately a part of who I am and whether I’m expelled or not those standards and values don’t go away.

When asked if she would do it all over again, Adrene responded, “You know what? Not at the cost of my membership. Nothing is worth my membership. I have 20 years vested. Two decades! That’s like being married. I’m a ride or die for my sorority.

Watch Adrene Ashford‘s interview below.




Welp…hopefully Adrene’s sorority will accept her apology and reconsider her expulsion.