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The Hip Hop community is mourning the death of Chicago rapper Fredo Santana, who passed away on Friday after suffering a fatal seizure.

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Vic Mensa, who is also from Chicago, took to social media to remember Fredo with a powerful and heartfelt message that I had to share with you.

Read below.

Rest In Peace to a real Chicago legend. it’s tragic that he’s gone before he really got to blossom into the man he could be. Kicking it with him about a year ago I could really tell that his mentality had grown and he was far more progressive than the world really knew.

Fredo was the spirit of the drill movement, & the Chicago streets he embodied. Near the end of his life he made some statements that I think we all can REALLY LISTEN to and learn from. He spoke about his drug use and trying to escape the PTSD he had from growing up in the hood, surrounded by violence. I call it post traumatic streets disorder.

We need to evaluate the conditions in our communities that raise young black men with more psychological issues than they can ever really unpack. We have to diagnose the system, not the symptoms. rest up to a real rockstar. 27

Well said, Vic!

RIP Fredo Santana.