Venus Williams Obtains Emergency Order Of Protection

Venus Williams has reportedly obtained an emergency order of protection against the family suing her for the car crash death of 78-year-old Jerome Barson.

The case is getting uglier as the family claims police won’t cooperate with them by providing surveillance video or the black box from Venus’ car to prove their case against her.

Via Daily Mail:

Venus Williams has won an emergency court order against the family suing her over the car crash death of a 78-year-old man it emerged Thursday.

A judge in Palm Beach County, Florida, granted her request to stop the family examining the two cars involved in the crash.

Williams’ lawyers argued the two cars should not be examined for evidence and that no data should be taken from them.

The family of Jerome Barson have brought a wrongful death case against the tennis star, claiming she is liable for damages after the car crash which led to his death.

His wife Linda was driving the car which t-boned Williams at a junction in Palm Beach, Gardens, Florida on June 9.

A police report said that Williams was to blame for the crash because she was stopped in a junction while Barson had the right of way.

What a terrible situation.

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