Venus Williams Not Responsible For Deadly Crash

A day after Venus Williams was granted an order of protection against the Barson family, new evidence shows the tennis star may not be responsible for the deadly crash.

Police announced on Friday, surveillance video proves Venus “lawfully entered” the intersection when the accident occurred.

Via CBS Sports:

Venus Williams has been found not responsible for the accident that killed 78-year-old Jerome Barson in June, police announced on Friday. Palm Beach Garden police said that Williams “lawfully entered” the intersection when she was T-Boned by Barson and his wife, Linda. Jerome Barson died of internal injuries approximately two weeks after the crash, and the Barson family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. Williams, who is competing at Wimbledon currently, is trying to put the accident behind her.

Local police initially claimed that Williams was at fault for the accident, but new footage found that she was cut off by a Nissan Ultima turning left. She was forced to stop to avoid hitting the Ultima, which caused her to stop in the intersection. The Barsons, who were going through their green light, ultimately ended up hitting Williams. They did not break any traffic laws themselves, as the crash was a result of Williams being impeded while making a legal turn.

Major Paul Rogers, who made the announcement of Williams’s innocence in the crash, added that the “updated information, based on new evidence, is still under investigation.” They did not answer questions.

TMZ has released video of the fatal accident.

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