Venom Review

Venom devoured the box office with a record-breaking opening weekend.

The Sony film starring Tom Hardy took the no. 1 spot with a whopping $80 million – setting a new record for the largest opening weekend in the month of October.

Read our review of the film, written by our resident movie guru, B. Gunn.

We are Venom. We must destroy Spider – wait, he’s not in this movie? Well, whom will Venom destroy then? Don’t worry, the good folks at Sony Pictures will figure something out.

Venom Review

Venom stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a reporter who becomes taken over by a space alien, or symbiote as the comic book calls it, and catches wreck on anything in his path.

Now, if you saw Spider-Man 3, you remember Venom and how he almost killed Pete. This movie is more of an origin story and doesn’t have an arch-enemy, so-to-speak. There’s a lot riding on this film because, 1) A major villain has never had a stand-alone movie, and 2) The studio wants to make more of these things. Venom as an antagonist is one of the greatest antagonists ever. Venom as a protagonist is a stretch but if you have the right actor and storyline, it could work. Uh, about that.

Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Eddie Brock is cool, but not mesmerizing. I think it’s because he doesn’t have a major villain, or hero, to play off of. Brock goes through some depressing, f’d up moments in the film and you would think he’d be motivated to seek revenge once Venom comes into his life.

The plot doesn’t embrace that. Instead, it tries to somehow give a ruthless killing machine a heart. When you alter the personality of a well-known comic book icon, you lessen the impact of its effect on the audience. The co-stars do little to capture our attention as well.


Venom review


Riz Ahmed is the villain, I guess you could say. His character isn’t memorable, though. Neither is Michelle Williams who plays Eddie’s girlfriend. They have zero chemistry.

The first act is full of unnecessary dialogue and drags on. The second act immediately bumrushes you with action but the problem is, there’s no buildup to that action. Some of the scenes are unbelievable, like, “Nah, I can’t believe this shyt” unbelievable. You’re meeting an alien for the first time and you’re acting like this is a normal, everyday thing. The special effects are nice and so are some fight scenes, but they’re supposed to be. Comedy is either misplaced or just lame in some scenes.

To keep it 100, I liked Spider-Man 3s Venom much better. I need for studios to stop making superhero action movies comedies. Stop it. Everything doesn’t have to be funny. This had soooooo much potential but Sony once again messed up a golden opportunity.

I’m giving Venom a morning/midday Co-sign with an OPTION of a Straight-to-Streaming Co-sign, depending on how well you know this character. Yeah, there’s a mid-credit scene, too. Probably one of the best scenes of the movie.

Venom should’ve been poisonous, but I was stung by a mediocre script. I’ll live…



Have you seen the film? If not, do you plan to?

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