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Usher’s Herpes Accuser Claims The R&B Superstar Is Hiding His Assets To Avoid Paying Her

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Is Usher Hiding His Riches To Avoid Paying Herpes Lawsuit?

The woman who filed a $20 million lawsuit against Usher claiming he knowingly infected her with Herpes is accusing the singer of hiding his assets to avoiding paying her.

“Jane Doe” believes the R&B superstar is purposefully passing off his riches to others so she can’t get her hands on it if he loses the case. Remember that time 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying his lawsuit?

Via TMZ:

In legal docs the woman’s lawyer Lisa West claims Usher may be up to no good because he delayed the discovery process in the lawsuit by 90 days. The insinuation … Usher didn’t want to disclose his assets during the discovery phase in order to have the time to hide them.

What a messy mess.

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