Quantasia Sharpton

Quantasia Sharpton Afraid To Shop Online Due To Death Threats

This one was too good to pass up…

Usher‘s accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, says she has received so many death threats after filing a lawsuit against the R&B superstar that it’s left her afraid to shop online.

In a post on her Facebook page, Quantasia wrote:

I’ve been getting so many death threats to me and my son I’m nervous to shop online now. I’m paranoid and just keep thinking what if the person that puts my order together takes down my address and fulfill their threats? I don’t want to leave my house cause what if one is waiting for me to leave my apartment? It’s just too much for me…

See the post courtesy of Baller Alert:

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Oh, NOW it’s too much for homegirl!

I hope no harm comes to her or her son, but Quantasia Sharpton asked for this mess when she hopped on the Usher Summer Jam screen and told her tale of a rendezvous at a hotel in hopes of padding her bank account.

You made your bed now you got to lie in it and let it burn….

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