*UPDATE* Prosecutors Say Kids Lied About Man Urinating On 5-Year-Old Black Girl, All Charges Dropped

Man Arrested For Urinating On 5-Year-Old Black Girl & Calling Her The N-Word

Everyone – including myself – was completely outraged when we learned a 60-year-old white man had been arrested for urinating on a 5-year-old black girl and calling her the N-Word.

The Michigan girl was reportedly playing Hide-and-Seek with friends when David Allen Dean, who is a registered sex offender, snuck up behind her, exposed himself and urinated on her.

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She ran to a neighbors house completely soaked in bodily fluid seeking help and Dean was arrested.

Now prosecutors are saying another one of the children urinated on the girl and they all concocted the story of Dean assaulting and belittling the girl to avoid getting in trouble.

Via The Washington Post:

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday the charges were dropped after authorities determined the children made up the story “to avoid trouble.”

It says one child urinated on another child and they concocted the story.

All charges have been dropped against David Allen Dean.

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