An Alabama prosecutor announced on Wednesday that she will not pursue a misdemeanor manslaughter indictment against Marshae Jones.

Jones was indicted for the death of her unborn baby after she allegedly started a fight and was shot in the stomach during the altercation.

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Jefferson County Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney Lynniece Washington held a press conference to announce her decision on the case, that has sparked national outrage and protests, saying nothing she does can change the painful reality that both families involved have suffered.

As I have previously stated, this is truly a disturbing and heartbreaking case. An unborn child was tragically lost and families on both sides of this matter suffered. Nothing, nothing, nothing we do today or in the future will change that reality.

The issue before us is whether it’s appropriate to try to hold someone legally culpable for the actions that led to the death of the unborn child. There are no winners only loser in the sad ordeal.

After reviewing the facts of this case and the applicable state law, I have determined that it is not in the best interest of justice to pursue prosecution of Ms. Jones on the misdemeanor charge for which she was indicted by the grand jury. Therefore, I am hereby dismissing this case and no further legal action will be taken against Ms. Jones in this matter.

Watch the clip below.

It still blows my mind that a pregnant woman was shot in the stomach, the fetus died and no one – not even the shooter is charged.

Your thoughts?

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