Shanice Says Her Career Was Taken From Her

TV One will focus on the “Unsung” career of R&B singer Shanice on tonight’s episode.

Shanice topped the charts in the early 90’s with her hit single, “I Love Your Smile,” her beautiful face and her amazing voice.

Unfortunately, Shanice says her career was taken from her. Why? Because she got pregnant.

The singer told Eurweb:

I feel like my career, in a way — for a moment — I feel like it was kinda taken away from me. And having a family is one thing that’s mine. My kids bring me so much joy. Giving birth to my children was definitely one of the greatest things I could’ve done.

I’ve always tried to stay current and so when the music started changing I changed with the music ‘cause I still stay true to who I am but I always said I never want to sound like, dated, or anything like that. So I always try to stay fresh and I enjoy a lot of the new stuff that’s out right now. So that was never an issue. The issue was when I got pregnant. I started working on my album and when they found out I was pregnant, I got dropped.

I was on a major label and I feel like that was taken away from me because I was pregnant. Because of the timing of it. I’m five months pregnant. I started working on my music. I was excited and I said, ‘By the time I finish the album, the baby will be born and I can still keep it moving.’ I didn’t just want to have kids and not sing anymore. I wanted to have my kids and get back out there. I was going to be in the gym and get my body in shape. I had a whole plan in my head and then when that happened it was devastating.

Shanice better reclaim her time and drop some new music for us to get jiggy to!

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Be sure to check out Shanice on TV One’s “Unsung” tonight at 10/9c.

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