Chinx Drugz wife Janelli Caceres Pickens - Patricia Muratovic baby shower

Chinx daughters - Patricia Muratovic

Chinx Drugz wife Janelli Pickens attends Patricia Muratovic's baby shower

Chinx Drugz daughters attend Patricia Muratovic baby shower


Janelli’s actions (and photos) sparked a lot of chatter online. She took to her Instagram account to clap back at those who couldn’t understand her decision to embrace Patricia.

I find it amusing how ppl who consider this wrong or weird. Ppl go thru it everyday Is it right? No! Is it ok? No! But when 2ppl are going thru sh*t that leaves mistakes to happen! I will never condone a deadbeat dad! He was always there for his kids n he was gonna b there for this one whether he wanted to or not. He f**ked up but that’s an innocent baby. Now our children all suffer from the loss of their dad so u damn rite Ima stick around n make sure her son is good…real woman do real sh*t! I never been bitter or foul n it won’t start now. I’m blessed I’m happy n I’m stronger than I ever been.

Welp. That’s all that needs to be said.

Your thoughts?

Photos: Instagram

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