A family in Honduras has experienced the unthinkable.

One day after the family of Neysi Perez buried the pregnant teen, they smashed her coffin to rescue her after she reportedly woke up screaming for help.

Via the New York Daily News:

Shocking video shows loved ones of Neysi Perez using a small sledgehammer to break the concrete tomb holding the coffin of the 16-year-old as they scrambled to save her.

“As I put my hand on her grave I could hear noises inside. I heard banging, then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help,” her husband Rudy Gonzales told local TV news Primer Impacto.

“It had already been a day since we buried her,” he added. “I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic, full of hope.”

Perez, who was newly married and laid to rest in her wedding dress, mysteriously collapsed after waking up one night to use the bathroom in her Honduras home, according to local reports.

The unconscious teenager, who was three months pregnant, started foaming at the mouth, which led her religious parents to believe she was possessed.

A priest tried to perform an exorcism, the reports said, but Perez became lifeless and was later declared dead by doctors.

Her family rushed her back to the hospital after breaking the tomb, but she was still clinically dead.

Heartbreaking video shows the family desperately trying to revive Neysi, but it was too late.

Her mother is convinced her daughter was buried alive. She blamed doctors for rushing to declare the 16-year-old dead.

It appears Perez tried to claw her way out of the coffin.

The glass portion on the top of her coffin was smashed, and the teen’s fingertips were bruised.

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