Tyrese’s Ex Accuses Him Of Having Her Followed

Tyrese‘s ex-wife is now accusing him of spying on her and having her followed.

Norma Gibson is seeking to up her temporary restraining order to a permanent one by telling the judge that the singer has someone following her and her friends to keep tabs on  them.

She also recalled the time Tyrese allegedly punched her in the face while she was pregnant.

Via TMZ:

Norma Gibson’s in court trying to get a permanent restraining order against Tyrese to keep him away from her and their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. Gibson took the stand Thursday and claimed Tyrese has been harassing her since 2014 after their custody evaluation by having someone tail her and her friends.

When Norma was asked if she’s afraid of her ex, she replied … “At times.” She also brought up the 2007 incident where Tyrese allegedly punched her while she was pregnant, claiming 3 of Tyrese’s people met with her afterward and got her to sign an agreement not to talk about it. She says she did it because she didn’t want to ruin his career at the time.

Tyrese tells us this is all B.S., and the restraining order is sour grapes from him getting remarried. He claims he hasn’t seen his daughter in over 60 days and just wants this resolved quickly so he can see her.

Gibson has a temporary restraining order against Tyrese already, which she filed for claiming he abused their daughter. Norma claims he went into a rage, pushed Shayla to the ground, “grabbed her hands with one arm and beat her with the other” between 12 and 16 times. Gibson says Tyrese hit Shayla so hard she couldn’t sit. Tyrese says he only struck her once on her bottom.

The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is currently investigating.

Meanwhile on social media….

Tyrese Gibson wife Samantha Gibson


Tyrese posted a photo of himself and his wife, Samantha Gibson, outside of the courtroom with the caption:

Headed into court and we just want you guys to know we’re not here to win……. We’re here for Shayla no one wins in the end cause our angels is feeling all of this…… Please parents that are currently going through issues keep this in mind…… When parents go to war we effect the kids deeply…….

But in everything me and we wife go into.. We go into it rather GOOD or bad we count our blessings, are stand WITH each other and pull from each others strength and power……… When my queen prays her words are so powerful and beautiful the queen kiss on her crown follows……… Sending love and light around the world…. #FamilyFirst

Jesus fix it because Shayla is the one who will impacted the most from this foolishness.