Tyrese Releases A Video Update On His Mother

On Thursday, Tyrese released a video update on his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, who is reportedly in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital.

The actor and singer’s heart was very heavy as he thanked his legions of fans for their prayers, love, and support during this trying time saying, “We cannot express to you how much it means that you continue to pray for our beloved mother.”

Tyrese added that his mother is a fighter and he feels the energy from our prayers as he prays for her.

It has been…it feels like…first of all, she’s very strong. She’s still with us. My mother is a soldier, she’s a warrior. Everything that we are as her kids, we got it directly from her.

She’s a fighter, she don’t quit, and she’s got thick skin and she can pretty much tolerate anything.

So your prayers, just on a universal…spiritual level, your prayers and your energy that you continue to send our mother feels like the floodgates of heaven and the energies have opened up and all of the prayers and energy from around the world is like dropping down onto our mother.

It’s a feeling. When I put my hand on her stomach and I’m praying I feel like the energy from all of you warriors – you prayer warriors is going through my hands into my mother’s stomach as she’s taking every breath and it is more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Even in the midst of going through, Tyrese offered words of encouragement to others who may be in need of encouragement and a good word.

Watch the video.