One thing is certain – if you overwork your body…it will shut down.

Tyrese learned the hard way when he nearly passed out while promoting his new film, Black And Blue.

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Tyrese initially shared the incident when he wrote a (now deleted) open letter to himself.

Tyrese Nearly Passes Out While Promoting 'Black And Blue'

Legendary radio jock, Big Boy, of “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” took to social media to expound on the actor and singer almost passing out following his interview and meet and greet with fans.


The letter above from Tyrese to Tyrese, is sooooo true.

I had Tyrese at the station on Friday for an interview. He answered EVERY question. We talked about the importance of a movie like “Black and Blue”. Witnessed him CRY about Black and Blue being his first movie release since John Singleton passed. Played an on air game and won tickets to Day N Vegas for a listener.

Once the interview was over, and he took EVERY picture that was asked of him, I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head, get weak, grab onto to us and the table and literally almost pass out. NO BULLSH*T!!

We had to take him to my office to put his mind and body to rest.

Tyrese has been going HARD for this movie “Black and Blue”. Not for profit or a great weekend box office, but for many to see the reality of what’s going on in our communities. This movie is a must see for ALL. Hollywood doesn’t make movies like this. If we don’t show up, they will continue to ignore movies of substance and truth. They will think we don’t care about movies like this and another movie and our stories will not be told.
If ya can, go see #BlackAndBlueMovieand/or, do what you can to help spread the word. Continue to control our narrative. That’s why we should give Black and Blue our attention. On top of all of that, it’s a GREAT movie.
@Tyrese, I didn’t know you took my Dodgers hoodie til you left. It was my black and white one. So dope. Tyrese, bring my shit back!!!!! ?

Go see Black and Blue.
Thank y’all. ??

Tyrese also took to social media to share he didn’t make money doing Black and Blue, but he is okay with that because the project was shifting the culture.

Did you check out Black and Blue?

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