Tyrese Completely Meltdown & Sobs On Social Media


Tyrese Has Complete Meltdown

After harassing Dwayne Johnson all morning on social media, Tyrese had a complete breakdown and sobbed in a video where he said, “I just want my baby!”

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Tyrese has been battling his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, over their daughter, Shayla, after she accused the R&B singer of spanking their daughter so hard she couldn’t sit down.

While the custody battle is playing out in the courtroom, Tyrese has been trying the case in the court of public opinion with over-the-top commentary, ridiculous videos and envy-fueled attacks on The Rock.

This afternoon, the “Sweet Lady” singer completely lost it and began sobbing in a video posted on his page. Of course, he deleted it shortly thereafter.

See the clip below.



My heart goes out to Tyrese, but I also haven’t forgotten he’s an actor.

He returned to social media with another video that affirms (at least for me) his meltdown was for show.


And he’s still attacking The Rock….