While I get what Benjamin is saying, I believe Tyrese can rise to the challenge. He’s my birthday twin and us Capricorns are very determined and capable.

Tyrese took to his social media accounts to blast Forbes and he demanded an apology for being typecast.

Amazing that you would jump out there and write a story and make a complete fool of yourself like this…. I guess the concept of “Perception vs Reality” has just sat in – in a real embarrassing way- playing a “role” is doing just that… Playing a role….

Do your research I was at home innocent it’s the FANS who started the “Tyrese Green Lantern Campaign” so again do your research bro…NOT just write a whole article based on movies that I’ve done that in your mind are “popular”… All dramatic roles…

Baby Boy? Four Brothers,? Waist Deep..? Black Nativity.? Annapolis? I’ve actually done more dramatic roles and movies then anything comedic – or charming- I’m an entertainer and were supposed to be use to people writing random blogs and stories – that’s fine…. Know your facts, and DO your research before your press that UPLOAD button… Especially on Forbes champ!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend – I’ve provided your list of movies…. When you do your re-write… Since you decided to typecast me… I would appreciate an apology for writing this misinformed article….

Thanks – Tyrese Gibson

What do YOU think? Do you think Tyrese could pull off the role as Green Lantern?

Photo: Instagram

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