Tyler Perry has stepped up to help a Georgia couple who says they are being held “captive” at a hospital in Mexico.

Stephen Johnson and his fiancée were on vacation when he went into diabetic shock and had to be rushed to a Mexican hospital.

Now, he says they are basically being held hostage and they’ve been physically blocked from leaving the hospital until the $14K bill for his care is paid in full.

That’s when Tyler Perry heard about the story and stepped up to pay the bill in full.

Despite the bill being taken care of, Stephen still cannot leave the hospital because they say he isn’t well enough to travel back to the United States.

The gag is the longer he stays in the hospital – you know to get well enough to travel – the bill continually increases.

Watch the news report below.

Kudos to Tyler for stepping up to help and I pray Stephen and his queen will be back home as soon as possible.