Tyler Perry On Why He Takes Care Of His Abuser

Tyler Perry On Why He Takes Care Of His Abuser

The Lord will bless you when you’re a blessing to others. Even when they don’t deserve it.

Tyler Perry recently appeared on “Oprah’s Master Class” and opened up about why he takes care of Emmitt Perry Sr., the man who physically and verbally abused him throughout his childhood.

From a child, I had always known that this man despised me. I could not figure it out for the longest. I could not figure out why he hated me so.

Every action was about his hatred or his disdain for me.

After his mother’s death, Tyler learned Emmitt was not his biological father.

The media mogul went on to explain that he takes care of Emmitt because his mother asked him to and because he provided for them and never left them.

Watch the clips below.

You may recall, the home Tyler provided for Emmitt Perry Sr. was lost in a fire this past March.

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Tyler Perry truly has a heart of gold.

Could you take care of your abuser?

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