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TV SCOOP: WE tv Cancels ‘SWV Reunited’ – SWV Responds!

To our loving fans!

We have received your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram replies inquiring about the return of SWV: Reunited. After months of waiting in limbo with minimal communication with the network it is with regret that we officially announce the cancellation of SWV:Reunited on WeTV.
We want to thank each and every one of you who supported our show and continue to support the SWV brand. Your love and support has carried our dream of creating quality music for over 23 years.

This is not the end by any means! SWV has a new single out now, Ain’t No Man, with a second single on the way entitled MCE (Man Crush Everyday), followed by an incredible new album Still…SWV due 2/15/16.

Stay tuned because the best is yet to come!


Coko, Lelee, & Taj

Although, I love Coko Lelee, and Taj like play cousins, I’m not sad to see the show go. I hope they recognize the blessing because that show hurt them more than it helped them. (In my humble opinion.)

The good news is “Ain’t No Man” is pure fiyah and their album artwork for Still is absolutely gorgeous!

Watch SWV’s official music video for “Ain’t No Man.”

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