Tiffany New York Pollard on Botched


Tiffany Pollard aka “New York” is a prime example of how getting greedy with breast implants can go terribly wrong.

The former VH1 reality star will appear on the season two premiere of E!’s hit series, “Botched,” in hopes of getting her enormous and deformed breast implants fixed.

In a promo video, Tiffany said her breasts are “jacked up and saggy.” She also admitted wanting to look like Dolly Parton is why she wanted huge breasts.

My breasts are jacked up, they’re saggy.

When I saw that white chick come on the screen, you know with her blonde hair, her tiny waist and her big t*ts, I said that’s going to be me one day!

Watch below.



Watch Tiffany Pollard on “Botched” tonight at 9/8c on E!